The Vice President Speaks: 12 Quotes from Leni Robredo
The best sound bites from our 2016 cover story.
IMAGE Francisco Guerrero

What we’ve learned in the waning months has us clamoring for a jolt of optimism, a voice to keep helplessness at bay. As we brace for another year, we give you some key quotes from the tireless, electrically hopeful Vice President Leni Robredo, who helps us make sense of it all. 

"Tasteless remarks and inappropriate advances against women should have no place in our society. We should expect that most of all from our leaders.”

"Ako kasi, parati akong optimistic. Parati akong optimistic na everything happens for a reason."

Kaya lang, ‘yung tanong lang: Yung wounds sa atin: How much can we carry? Kasi sunod-sunod. Sunod-sunod.

Ang daming kaguluhan sa paligid. Parati kong sinasabi, I’m focused on the targets ... I will not allow myself to be distracted by all of this."

"I’m not pressuring myself into following the same paths na finollow ng iba. Ako, palagay ko, there will always be better ways of doing things.”

Sana isipin na the power is in our hands. ‘Yung mga ganito, tingin ko, minor upheavals ‘to. They were allowed to happen for a greater reason.

"Puwedeng hindi pa natin alam kung bakit, pero always naman—yung tawag ng asawa ko diyan, connecting the dots. Eventually it will make sense. Pero what’s important is what you did while you try to make sense out of things."

"You do not lose sight of what you believe in, you do not lose sight of the goal. You drown out the voices, because there are bigger battles to fight.”

Ang daming kaguluhan sa paligid. Parati kong sinasabi, I’m focused on the targets, I keep my eyes on the ball. I will not allow myself to be distracted by all of this."

"Halimbawa, tulad ng kay Presidente, two sides of the coin parati, merong happy na nag-co-cooperate ako sa kanya, merong unhappy kasi magkaiba kami [ng partida]. Pero sa akin naman, ‘yung point ko, there’s a job to do. I might not agree with all that he is or everything that he says, pero as long as I communicate to him the message, and as long as he respects me despite the differences in opinion—tapos hayaan niya akong gawin ang trabaho ko, ako, hundred percent talaga."

"Yung point ko naman, nandito tayo para magtrabaho, so gawin na natin ‘yung lahat."

"Palagay ko, sana hindi mahinto ‘yung pag-express natin ng feeling of indignation. Kasi tingin ko, it’s not as simple as—sasabihin na, ‘Patay na ‘yun e, kalimutan na lang natin.’ Parang, tingin ko kasi: ‘Yung values natin as a nation, ‘di ba?” 

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