Alex Castro

Douglas MacArthur is famous for liberating us from the Japanese, but he's also known to have had a passionate affair with Dimples Cooper.
Negritos have long been the subject of fascination all over the world, but none is more important than the King of all Negritos.
Fernando Poe Sr. graduated from dental school, survived the Death March, and was the original king of Filipino films. Witness his extraordinary life in exclusive photos.
Every imaginable taboo, once unspoken and forbidden, has been depicted in graphic ways in Philippine movies.
The Kapampangan murderess was only 16 when she killed her classmate in 1929.
Behind the names Tokyo Tom, Taro Sakuro, and the Great Kabooki is a Filipino with the heart of a champion.
Clark's, the first ice cream shop in the Philippines, was the coolest place in turn-of-the-20th-century Manila.
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