Anton Miranda

Anton Miranda is a men’s wear stylist whose work has appeared in Esquire, Forbes, Town & Country, and other publications. His works present the idea of dressing well as breaking and making the rules of style according your taste and lifestyle.
The Real McCoy’s presents perfected versions of the leather jacket, the cotton sweatshirt, the twill chino, the white crew-neck tee, and more. 
From mixing up your workouts to eating only a plant-based diet.
These well-dressed men from Manila march to the beat of their own drum.
In the name of fitness, we survived three days of yoga, sand runs, volleyball, surfing, and Brazilian models.
Take your pick from the Harrington, Mackintosh, bomber, parka, and more.
Cover you top half with these solid pieces.
From scratch, freshly made, and with one of the best gin selections in town.
Circa: Way before the whole Chair spectacle.
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