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The Irish tourist who vandalized a "historic" statue at the Brussels Stock Exchange building in Belgium has been detained. It is said that the suspect was drunk, and when he was coming down from the statue, he broke the torch (encircled) held by the human statue.
"When I tell them I’m Filipino, they’re like, ‘What?’"
Margarita Hiroko Koyama, 82, waited decades before being recognized as a Japanese by the Japanese government. But when she got a Japanese visa, the Philippine government fined her P2 million.
It was apparently a painting by the American painter N.C. Wyeth. It's up for auction this month.
A thrifter who loves buying second-hand items bought this old trunk at an antique shop for just $90 (P5,000). It turned out to be a designer item valued at $20,000 (P1 million).
"I was bullied because of my appearance," he said. "They would make fun of my face."
There will be talks, workshops, multi-level art exhibitions, and more.
The actress says she has finally come to terms with her controversy in 2009 and she is now "stable."
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