Bryle B. Suralta

Assistant Section Editor
Bryle B. Suralta is a Filipino cultural critic, editor, and essayist. He writes about art, books, travel, people, current events, and all the magic in between. His past work in film and media can be found on PeopleAsia Magazine, The Philippine Star, MANILA BULLETIN, and IMDB.


How can we ever tell the history of modern Filipino show business without Piolo Pascual? These days, he's rewriting it yet again.
The Bubble Bible by Bitoy honors the many faces of Michael V. through the years. Often replicated. Never duplicated.
In the aftermath of the Battle of Manila, the city became the second most devastated only after Warsaw. The Manila Central Post Office was a casualty, as well.
"I don’t run this. There’s a big spirit behind me running this. And it’s in everyone. Inside of you, there’s gravity. When you go here, you do it because there’s gravity inside you."
Watching Zack Tabudlo live erases any doubts in my mind: this guy is going to be the face of OPM real soon.
Having sexual feelings is normal. But reducing women to sex objects in group chats and justifying it is another story.
We might have AI manage, act, produce, and distribute films by the dozen.
As tensions between the United States and China come to a head, a new world order is emerging, he says, and it's going to be led by the new "CIA"-China, India, and the ASEAN.
On May 1, 1903, workers mobilized by the Union Obrera Democratica de Filipinas fought for better working conditions under American imperialism.
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