Carole Cuasay-Tagle

Monica Delgado talks about her creative process, guilty pleasures, and waking up to a view of the Empire State building.
The Modern Swan also shares how she wears her pieces and her favorites.
These gorgeous young women share their motherhood secrets.
May Yao, a marathon enthusiast and marketing executive at the Lucerne Group, talks about signature accessories.
Designer Techie Hagedorn, the woman behind Alegre, talks about raising twin girls, the local retail scene, and perfects days.
Nikki Martel shares her beginnings in the world of public relations.
After moving back to Manila, Nicole Menchaca shares her favorite local finds.
Beyond the bling and baubles of Jul B. Dizon’s fine jewelry line is Lucille Dizon, an exceedingly talented designer with a striking sense of style.
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