Clinton Palanca

Clinton Palanca has won awards for his fiction and in 1998, came out with Landscapes, a book compiling his short stories and earlier works for children. Today, he ventures into food writing with his regular column on Inquirer Lifestyle, and with restaurant reviews for other publications.
Clinton Palanca's search for papaitan and how he stumbled over other Ilocano favorites.
Clinton Palanca looks back on what it was like to ask someone out pre-Facebook
Clinton Palanca reflects on the difficult task of being a believer.
When the problem is about our behavior as men, we need to be part of that conversation.
Reflections on the most powerful piece of paper you will ever own: your passport.
Clinton Palanca reminds his daughter about odious people, letting go, and the importance of learning how to cook.
In the silence after the coitus, all things are possible. They could be lovers. They could be nothing at all.
Clinton Palanca proposes a radical solution to being noticed on the global stage. Step 1: Don't care so much.
These 5 dining establishments let you experience China's other regional specialties beyond Cantonese cuisine.
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