Gang Badoy

Gang Badoy is an alternative educator inside the Maximum Security Prison in Muntinlupa under their NGO called Rock Ed Philippines. She has been teaching a combination class of Science, History, and Creative Writing since July 2007. All teaching permits are on hold for now since the new administration started in July 2016. For more documentation on their prison outreach activities search for “Rock the Rehas” on Google.
"I was already so tired I protested almost in tears, 'Lino no no no, ayoko na!' and he said, 'Stand up, stand up! This is what we need!'"
"The best thing about being president is the fulfillment of your programs and to see the people you helped, especially the masses. As I’ve told you, whoever I am now, I owe it to the masses."
May Ling Su is counted in the ranks of the Pornsaints and her portrait is on permanent display in Amsterdam's Erotisch Museum.
For the second installment of our Bilibid series, Gang Badoy talks about meeting two students from the death row.
For the first installment of our Bilibid series, Gang Badoy talks about teaching prisoners creative writing and how a missing prisoner became the subject of their imagination.
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