Jacs T. Sampayan

Master retailer Victor Paterno talks about cycling, literary attention deficit disorder, and historical turning points.
The hotelier talks about moving home, tennis dates, and, poor guy, getting stranded in Paris.
The furniture designer on discovering new designers, singing competitions, and conquering the world one continent at a time.
Landco Pacific Corporation's Alby Xerez Burgos on his love for wine and home-cooked meals.
The man behind Palace Pool Club, Revel, Valkyrie, 71 Gramercy, among others talks about building a business and his most memorable trips.
The CEO of Mañosa & Co. talks about managing his firm, green design, and what's on his bucket list.
Crickette Tantoco, Ching Cruz, and Naynay Montilla reveal their top hosting tips and ideas for your very own fetes.
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