Jaymes Shrimski

Jaymes Shrimski is a twentysomething, Manila-based writer who’s grown up somewhere between Sydney and Cebu. Enthusiastic about all things food and beverage, clothes, books, and small business, he also loves a good long run, beers with his mates, and coffees at any given time of day.
The best Japanese whisky goes quite nicely with Malagos Chocolates from Davao.
The virus may have sidelined competitive running, but not running itself.
What happens when work from home becomes no work at all?
Athletic brand Nike also unveils a shoe that prevents injury.
The former Silicon Valley tech whiz is already working on new ventures for 2020.
Check out what went down at the inaugural Alex Blake Charlie Sessions in Singapore.
The two are in the lineup of new regional music festival Alex Blake Charlie Sessions.
Paradigm Shift tours listeners across bad decisions, breathless loneliness, and even silliness. It’s a somewhat frightening trip, but we recommend you grow a pair and take it.
There are days when getting out of bed and crawling to the office are a major effort.
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