Jerome Gomez

An oral history of how a partygoing elite reshaped Manila nightlife into a world-class empire
The actor talks longevity, legacy, and what he learned from Ronnie Lazaro.
Batch ’81 was made almost 40 years ago.
"I’m not rich, but I’m very fulfilled."
Erik Matti walks us through its journey from being the little-teaser-that-could to Cannes sensation.
With only over a year’s worth of issues, Rod Reyes’ sexy and substantial fortnightly became a memorable men’s magazine in the Martial Law years, coming out two decades before the genre truly flourished in local publishing.
The famous portrait of Paz Pardo de Tavera by her husband, the artist Juan Luna, remains haunted by the memory of a murder, and a curse believed to bring misfortune to the personalities who have owned it.
The finest local hellraisers discuss the benefits of playing the kind of men audiences love to hate.
The director of the biopic Heneral Luna talks to colleague Monster Jimenez about heroes and career pegs, his preoccupation with the issue of regionalism, and why he might take off the filmmaker's hat in the near future.
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