JJ Yulo

Always just jonesing, JJ Yulo is everyone's favorite curator of fun. The man behind Manly Eats and its more evolved counterpart Supermanly Eats, JJ describes himself as a humble observer and peanut gallery commenter of the local food scene.
Culinary creator and all-around good guy JJ Yulo lists down his favorite meals of 2019.
The best and the not-so-best trends that filled our stomachs and emptied our wallets.
Attending parties? What you can bring from drinks to dessert.
Like-minded chefs Josh Boutwood and Keiran Buck find each other in Manila.
The possibilities of what you can put together with buns and a beef patty are endless. These burgers are the best in Manila's food scene.
In the flood of restaurants, there are a few that drift apart and worth seeking out.
The special dinner, hosted by Enderun College, highlighted local ingredients.
The ace chef has a new 10-seater space that's more chill than stuffy.
There's way more to Sapporo than beer.
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