Juno Ileana Reyes

Try calling this a typical petty high school drama series when it’s infused with blood and a violent thirst for revenge.
Let’s face it, Filipinos are past the need for predictable love stories and cookie-cutter slapstick comedy films.
Carrying out the ultimate adulting task of managing your expenses doesn’t have to be scary.
If you're the type to read fairytales for comfort, you're in for a rude awakening.
Get to know more about how the iconic OPM band remained friends and bandmates for so long.
Leaked nudes are too often weaponized against women, but Christa Vega’s #SecretNudes project is helping women (and men) reclaim their own bodies through these artistic and tasteful nudes.
Whether they’re remakes or originals, these five early 2000s game shows will always remain iconic.
These restaurants all offer something special, so you’re sure to have a unique dining experience each time you visit.
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