Justin Umali

Justin is left-handed, left-leaning, and best left in a cool, damp place. He listens to Vampire Weekend when he's down and Car Seat Headrest when he's not. He usually writes about Philippine history and politics, and believes that you cannot change the world without understanding it first.
Fifty years ago, six students from Mindanao State University successfully hijacked a plane and brought it to China.
The Lakambini of the Katipunan played an important role in the Philippines’ struggle for independence.
The fight for women's right to vote lasted over three decades.
After his capture in Palanan during the Philippine-American War, the desire for an independent Philippines continued.  
From the Great Fire of Sri Lumay to the treaty that ended the reign of the Rajahs, the history of Cebu history is rich and complex.
Lino Brocka, the maestro of Philippine cinema, championed justice and freedom.
Instead of looking at what Filipino heroes accomplished, maybe it is more important to recognize how they lived their lives and for whom.
A colonialist lens paints Magellan’s arrival 500 years ago as the start of Philippine history when it was just another chapter in our country's rich historical tapestry.
Bridging the gap between what seems like ‘exotic’ Mindanao starts with understanding the culture of its people and realizing that they are as integral as us.
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