Kara Ortiga

The wunderkind director is woke to the strange rules of the new order, smuggling subtext in different genres and exploring all available platforms. Most of all, Red knows that, in this post-pandemic world, we don’t have infinite time.
Letting go of awkward childhood memories with the iconic Teva sandal began and a hike.
Often untold but never forgotten, the Wha Chi battalion fought alongside Filipino soldiers in the fight against the Japanese.
Ten years since the launch of the platform, Instagram finds itself at the critical center of careers, relationships, and trends. 
Running for another term in the senate, Bam Aquino, one of the most prolific lawmakers in the country, hopes to continue his work of opening more doors for Filipino families.
Boiled pig snout. Blood sausages. A pint of craft beer brewed with Sagada oranges, clubbing to country music, and drinking with a bone hunter. Kara Ortiga visits Baguio to gorge on their local food-only to find a more interesting, outré side to the Cordilleras.
In 2012, all of 124 indigenous people, fisherfolk, and farmers from Casiguran marched 370 km to Manila. The trip spanned over 17 days to protest the intrusion of an ecozone claiming their ancestral land. Five years later, we revisit this pacific town and the waters threatened by clashing views on development.
So what if the fight is fake? These Pinoy wrestlers are living their best secret lives.
The renowned ad man on the political powers of advertising and the resurrection of reading.
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