Lisandro Claudio

Lisandro E. Claudio (@leloyclaudio on Twitter) is an Associate Professor at the Department of History, De La Salle University.
Natural wine, a term without a standard definition, often refers to wines made with minimal intervention.
It may have even given us this government.
About Chito Gascon, former student activist and idealogue, and now the embattled chairman of the Commission on Human Rights.
Not to be confused with anything else that starts with the letters L-I-B-E-R-A-L.
That Gloria Arroyo, Donald Trump, and Vladimir Putin are all baby boomers might not come as a surprise, yet nobody is talking about their age, which we must in order to understand why many world leaders share a similar intellectual trajectory.
Esquire columnist Lisandro Claudio gives due credit to the dictator, based on notes by industrialist Salvador Araneta
Esquire columnist Lisandro Claudio on figuring out truth amid the trolls.
What it means to fight for the highest ideals when these ideals feel like they're going out of style.
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