Madison Vain

Madison Vain is the Digital Director at Esquire; a writer and editor living in New York, she previously worked at Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated.
He’s survived tabloid scrutiny, his own “asshole” behavior, and, more recently, a harrowing medical scare. Now the actor-turned-investor-rich, happy at home-is making his return to Hollywood. And he’s just as driven as ever.
The longest-reigning monarch in English history, Elizabeth was crowned in 1952 at the age of 26. Here are 50 images from a remarkable tenure.
'Harry's House' sees the singer celebrating car rides, swimming pools, fried eggs and toast. Nice wine. Green tea! Light speed Internet! It all absolutely works.
The Foo Fighters' drummer died at the end of March while on tour.
"I am a work in progress," the note, which the actor shared to his Instagram, concludes.
One of modern rock n' roll's favorite players, the musician was 50.
Even the Grinch would give in to these LPs.
The former child star has left the days of Harry Potter behind for a career full of surprises and twists.
Even the Grinch would give in to these LPs.
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