Mariane Perez

Manila’s top jewelers talk to us about what it takes to repurpose cherished heirlooms.
Ahead of Sotheby’s contemporary art auctions in Hong Kong, Boris Cornelissen and Shea Lam talk to T&C about what makes this dynamic market so appealing.
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From magical slippers to sophisticated stilettos, a look at the shoes that have kept the fashion world enthralled and in step.
The beautiful love affair between couture and choreography is exemplified by these memorable collaborations.
Brush up on your fashion lingo with our definitive guide to the most popular prints on fabrics.
An in-depth look at the business of beauty and the innovations driving the industry.
From sophisticated tropical soirees to elegant European fêtes, we talk to the wedding planners who can make your destination wedding happen.
A glossary of the jewelry industry’s most precious sparklers.
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