Miguel Escobar

Assistant Features Editor for Esquire Philippines
How are we saving it, how are we spending it, and what more would we like to learn about it?
Founder Paco Magsaysay and his son Jaime are charting a new course for the beloved ice cream brand.
Amid upheavals in politics and pop culture, 2019 remained a strong year for cool kicks.
The legendary actor-director on women, money, discipline, and playing the villain.
"I love my country and I’m proud of where I came from."
The second episode of the Artikulo Uno trilogy has a lot on its mind.
The film hits its mark on filial piety, but it lacks a conscientious counterweight for its depiction of extreme wealth.
As long as you know the right hashtags, child pornography is just a few clicks or taps away on Twitter. Here, evil does not even bother to hide. It’s not just a dark corner of the web anymore-the Philippines’ child sexual exploitation crisis is right at your doorstep.
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