Sarge Lacuesta

Editor at Large, Esquire Philippines
Quark’s new position in Amazon Prime Video places him squarely in a corner office of the Asian streaming platform industry, but more importantly, it puts him in a quarterback position in the global-facing aspect of Filipino entertainment.
Seiko opens a Grand Seiko and Seiko boutique at Power Plant Mall. 
An excerpt from Sarge Lacuesta's debut novel, 'Joy.'
"Every day, people make me realize that I did the right thing."
Unlike many titleholders and crown bearers, Kylie Verzosa has come further along. In The Housemaid, her first starring role, the actor and advocate explores something new: dark delights and sensual dread.
Brands connect themselves to Diaz’s singular achievement, but her victory is much bigger than a congratulatory message. 
We live in a state where wealth belongs, or can be created, only by the very few.
RAM is a sad album that casts a melancholy gaze upon its own form and its own substance
Fight over the Steve McQueen Rolex Explorer or the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona at the Leon Exchange auction.
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