Stuart Heritage

I spend an hour rustling up a nutritional meal, but it only takes five seconds for all hell to break loose
I'd heard the first day was supposed to be a big deal. It didn't work out that way.
I used to think that kids were fascinated with dinosaurs because they’re massive and scary. Now I’m not so sure.
If money was no object, we'd burn our house and everything in it and simply start again somewhere more sterile.
And why 'please' is the worst word to teach a child
It's the most insidious way possible to introduce your children to the evils of capitalism.
My wife's pneumonia has piled on the pressure, but I'm crushing it.
My angelic son is destined to befriend a tattooed four-year-old and be hooked on heroin by Christmas
Because little Daenerys will never forgive you
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