15 Wittiest Tweets About Miss Universe

Hire an interpreter, then answer in English anyway.
ILLUSTRATOR Jasrelle Serrano + @janjancomics

History will remember last year’s Miss Universe as the time the host awarded the wrong winner, but Steve Harvey will probably recall it as the time he was buried in a deluge of death threats—enough to destroy a career. Fortunately for him and France, Iris Mittenaere has been crowned in what was mostly a smooth ceremony. (Yes, Harvey is sure.) But Twitter wouldn't be Twitter if it suddenly stopped serving up hilarious memes, with or without his flubs. If you haven’t seen them yet, here they are in their full glory.  

That isn't the only odd choice of the night. According to the Heussaff siblings, Miss France's interpreter was off the mark when he replaced "first year of medical school" with "first casting" during the final Q&A. 

Meanwhile, a very important guest has arrived. Make way for the king, plebeians. 

This will be hard to live down.

More hilarity ensues:

R.I.P. tomatoes: 

This seems like a strange thing to be proud of, but we'll let the guy have his moment.

Of course, the real winner of the night is this breakout star: 

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