Logo Design 101: A Tutorial Inspired by The BIR’s 2017 Tax Campaign

In case you ever need to lend some graphic design services to a legitimate government effort.

Last week, a poster for the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s 2017 Tax Campaign entitled “Tunay Na Pagbabago Para Sa Bayan” was brought to light when—as all outrageous things these days do—it made rounds on social media. More specifically, people called attention to the logo used in it.

We caught wind of the poster, the logo, and all the rounds they made, so naturally, we were inspired by the raw creative talent that went into this completely original logo for a government effort. It may not be the actual BIR logo (it’s just the logo that they used in the Tax Campaign’s kick-off ceremony in February of this year), but still! So rarely do we get to see our taxes put to good use. And from the BIR, no less, who have brought us horrendously designed ad materials in the past.

This logo is an unprecedented convergence of impeccable creative work and public service, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Department of Tourism’s “Experience The Philippines” ad, and their “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” logo. We can imagine Tito Sotto would be proud.

And because we were so inspired by the BIR’s campaign logo, we decided to come up with a tutorial that would help teach other creative professionals to achieve this sort of inimitable logo-making excellence. Get started here, and perhaps one day, you too can receive the sincerest form of flattery from young designers.

Step 1: Open up an internet browser.

Step 2: Go to and type “professional logo tutorial illustrator cs6” in the search bar and hit Enter. Take a sip of your three-in-one coffee while waiting for your connection to load the results. If you’d like, pause your torrents first, then maybe squeeze in a game of Everwing with your deadbeat brother-in-law.


Step 3: Once your search results have finally loaded, scroll down and take your pick from the first results page. Don’t even bother flipping to the second page, because who has time for that? Everything you need should be in the first page. You know what, that one with the “K” logo looks good. Yeah, the one near the end. Red, blue, and yellow—the colors of our national flag! EVERYONE loves the colors of our national flag! That one! Click that one!

Step 4: Allow the video to buffer. Get up and stretch your limbs, because it’s been a long day at the office, and a hard-working guy like you deserves a break. Head out for a smoke and maybe catch up with some coworkers. Carlo from accounting just bought himself a new phone, so maybe go check that out to see if the camera is any good. Go to the mall for a while and look at some shoes. Grab a bite to eat while you’re at it. Then when you feel like it, head back to the office to check if your tutorial video has loaded.

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Step 5: Once the tutorial video is fully loaded and you’re back from your well-deserved four-hour break, fire up Illustrator and get to work. Follow the tutorial step-by-step and you’ll have a logo for the 2017 Tax Campaign in no time. Just keep your fingers crossed and hope that Illustrator doesn’t crash your compu…

Step 6: Restart your computer and repeat from Step 1.

Step 7: After restarting your computer and successfully opening Illustrator, follow the same tutorial step-by-step until you can achieve the same… Oh, it’s 5:00 P.M. already? Time to clock out, I guess! They don’t pay you for overtime anyway, and your cat must be waiting for you at home.

Step 8: Now that you’re well-rested and another day has begun, turn on your office computer and repeat from Step 1 until you can successfully replicate the “K” logo in the tutorial video.

Step 9: After you’ve gotten a hang of it, use the same tools to create the “B” in “BIR.” But before that, check to see if your boss or client has followed up on your logo design.

Step 10: Well, apparently your logo is due within the hour. Shit. Well, just slap the “K” that you've made on the “I” of “BIR” and maybe trim the sides so it doesn’t look too much like a “K.” Make sure to save it as an .SVG file, then zip it up and send it off. Surely no one will be able to tell that you just ripped off the tutorial video’s logo and used it for the collaterals of a national government agency. And even if anyone did, who would really care?

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