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5 OPM Anthems For All Your EDSA Traffic Emotions

Full blast, when no one's looking.
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Hardly a day goes by without EDSA turning into a parking lot. Some of us cope by listening to podcasts, and others let the news in through one ear and out the other. But for those who prefer to cope by listening to music, here are five anthems by local artists to complement every stuck-on-EDSA mood.

“Puso” by Sponge Cola
“Puso” is about fighting an uphill battle—which is very often what EDSA traffic feels like. Sponge Cola vocalist Yael Yuzon opens with “Hinihingal ka lang / May oras pang natitira / Kahit parang ang layo pa / Habol”. So what if you’re running late and surrounded by thousands of other vehicles? You’ve got this. Habol.
Put it on when you’re feeling: like you really, really need to make that 9:30 with the boss.

“Makita Kang Muli” by Sugarfree
Not only is “Makita Kang Muli” the theme song for the Ang Panday of the mid-2000s—it’s a song that encapsulates the tension between good and evil, and the act of defying all odds for love. It’s also great for times when you need to defy hours of traffic to finally get to your destination. The line, “Maghintay ka lamang, ako’y darating” works as a more poetic “Omw” to whoever’s waiting for you.
Put it on when you’re feeling: like the fate of your damsel-in-distress rests on whether or not Guadalupe is clogged.

“Migraine” by Moonstar88
“Migraine” oozes with frustration. The line, “Hanggang dito na lang ako” sounds like something that a flaky cab driver might say before dropping you off at a curb that’s kilometers away from your destination. But the mood can also be one of denial. “Asan nga ba ako?”, belts Moonstar frontwoman Maysh Baay, dying to know where she stands in the heart of her beloved. “Asan nga ba ako?”, you ask, resigned to your situation. Nasa EDSA ka pa rin, bes.
Put it on when you’re feeling: like traffic is a hammer and your head is a nail.


“First of Summer” by Urbandub
Urbandub is known for their high-energy bangers, full of thunderous double bass kicks, and face-melting distorted guitars. “Frailty” is a great example of that, and so is “First of Summer”. Shouting “We own the world / I wish this lasts forever” is for the drive home after a long payday Friday.
Put it on when you’re feeling: like traffic won’t stand in your way, because nothing will stand in your way. Not today.

“Antukin” by Rico Blanco
Sometimes, it can be a struggle to stay alert behind the wheel. But despite the drudgery of the road, there’s always a reason to stay upbeat while enduring the slog of EDSA traffic on the way home. Maybe you’re excited to devour the new season of Stranger Things. In that case, the lyric “Sasalubungin natin ang kinabukasan nang walang takot at walang pangamba” should work for you. Red roads on Waze? You’ll take them on with a smile.
Put it on when you’re feeling: determined to keep the traffic from killing your vibe.

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