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The Greatest Filipino TV Swimsuit Showdown Moments of All Time

Look back at the most jaw-dropping swimsuit scenes aired in Filipino soap operas.

Showdowns are inevitable in teleseryes that are built around warring camps. The writers amp up the visual level of the rivalry full blast during summer when the protagonists and antagonists can go head-to-head in swimsuits. They battle out who is sexier, who is more beautiful, and who will win the heart of the man they are fighting for. That's just how Philippine television dramas are made.

In an ideal, non-teleserye world, no two women should be pitted against each other, especially using their bodies. Here, we look back at five sizzling swimsuit scenes in Filipino teleseryes.

Andrea Torres and Megan Young, Alyas Robin Hood

Andrea Torres and Megan Young played rivals fighting over Dingdong Dantes in the 2016 prime-time series Alyas Robin Hood. One of their first face-offs was their red bikini showdown by the pool. Based on the episode, Venus (Andrea) takes pain to prepare an outfit that will surely shock Sarri (Megan) once they see each other.


During their showdown, Venus wears a black cover-up while Sarri opts for a white wraparound. Take note: black and white, the evil and the good. At the poolside, Venus intentionally bumps into Sarri and tells her, “Akala ko kasi, poste,” in which she means Sarri has no curves. Both girls, with their backs against each other, quickly take off their wraps. When they face each other, voila! They are wearing exactly the same red bikini. Sarri flashes a smile at Venus and waves her hair to tease her rival. Venus is surprised, seeing Sarri's shapely figure and, yes, the red swimsuit.

How could Sarri have acquired that particular design when it is very limited? Sarri explains the designer is her friend who gave the swimsuit to her as a gift. Not giving up, Venus quips, “Libre pala. Makes sense.” Sarri responds with sarcasm, saying she’d rather spend her money on charity, and, addressing Venus, “Next time, kung ayaw mong may kapareho kang damit, why don’t you just make your own clothes?” Watch the full scene here.

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Isabelle Daza and Cristine Reyes, Tubig at Langis

In the 2016 afternoon series Tubig at Langis, Cristine Reyes and Isabelle Daza played rivals in love with the same man, Zanjoe Marudo. Cristine is Irene, Natoy (Zanjoe) is her husband, while Isabelle is Clara, the mistress. Natoy’s family likes Clara and has invited her to join their summer outing precisely to annoy Irene. Irene has had it with Clara's presence in her domestic life with Natoy. She tells Clara Natoy never loved her. Clara then removes her beach wrap to flaunt to Irene her curvaceous body in a black swimsuit, saying this is the body that caught Natoy’s attention and got her pregnant. Irene, trying to stop herself from crying, composes herself. She takes off her robe to show her figure in a two-piece swimsuit. Irene then tells her rival, “Sa tingin mo ipagpapalit ako ng asawa ko, ako na mahal niya, sa isang basurang katulad mo na mas masahol pa ang amoy kung kumapit?”


Marian Rivera and Katrina Halili, Marimar

One of the most remarkable scenes in GMA-7’s 2007 adaptation of MariMar was a pool date between two couples: Angelika (Katrina Halili) and Sergio (Dingdong Dantes), and Bella/Marimar (Marian Rivera) and Rodolfo (Marvin Agustin). It was the swimsuit showdown between Marian and Katrina.

Angelika displays her curves in a purple swimsuit. Marimar, who is now assuming the identity of Bella Aldama, drops the opening salvo, “Talagang gusto mong laging ikaw ang sentro ng atraksiyon.” Angelika haughtily replies, “Siyempre, gusto ko lagi akong bida.” Bella snorts, “Pero mas mukha kang kontrabida.” Angelika challenges Bella, “May panlaban ka ba?” Bella quickly changes into her blue bikini, which diverts the attention of both Rodolfo and Sergio, leaving Angelika alone and humiliated. Angelika shouts, “Sergio, bumalik ka nga dito! Ako iyong ka-date mo!”


Bella faces Angelika, “Anong sinasabi mong hindi kita kayang talbugan? Bakit hindi mo papiliin ang dalawang lalaking ito kung sinong pipiliin nila sa ating dalawa?” Fuming mad, Angelika tries to throw some wine in Bella's face, but the latter, quick to the draw, pushes her into the pool. End of showdown.

Sanya Lopez and Maxine Medina, First Yaya

One of the most recent and trending swimsuit showdowns was that of Sanya Lopez and Maxine Medina in the recently concluded GMA-7 series First Yaya. In the scene, Lorraine (Maxine), aiming to seduce her ex-boyfriend President Glenn Acosta (Gabby Concepcion), shows up by the pool in a red-orange swimsuit.


Melody (Sanya), seeing her boyfriend is giving Lorraine the eye, changes into a white bikini to flaunt her figure. To the chagrin of Lorraine, Glenn declares upon seeing Melody, “Iyan ang girlfriend ko.”

Erich Gonzales and Kaye Abad, Two Wives

In Two Wives, Erich Gonzales and Kaye Abad played rivals for the heart of Jason Abalos. Kaye is Yvonne, the first wife of Victor (Jason), while Erich is Janine, the mistress-turned-second wife of Victor. Victor is already with Janine when they chance upon Yvonne at a resort. Yvonne has become empowered after everything that happened when she discovered Victor was cheating on her. Wearing a two-piece floral swimsuit, she is a disturbing presence to her ex-husband and his girlfriend who are taking a dip in the pool.

But instead of a bikini showdown, word war explodes between between Yvonne and Janine. Yvonne tells Janine, “Tignan mo nga naman ang pagkakataon, o, napakaliit ng mundo kahit saan ka pumunta nakakakakita ka ng nakakalat na linta.” Janine dares Yvonne to bring Victor some coffee.


Yvonne is relentless, “Mukha ngang kailangan mo ng kape, e, para tamaan ka ng nerbiyos.” Janine loses her cool, “Hindi ba ikaw ang nasobrahan ng kape? Sa tuwing nakikita mo ako, nanginginig ka!” Yvonne scorns, “Sino bang hindi manginginig kapag nakakakita ng demonyo?!”

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