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The 10 Funniest Filipino News Bloopers of All Time

Which blooper do you find the most hilarious?

Live television is not without its bloopers. Talk shows, variety shows, and even news programs are all vulnerable to having their mistakes and errors aired in real-time, and netizens are quick to pick these up and repost them on social media.

One blooper that became a trending topic happened on October 12, 2020, on GMA-7's news program 24 Oras. News anchor Vicky Morales inadvertently displayed the wrong side of her cue card. Clearly visible on the screen was a note for the show's writer: “PA-REVIEW NG SCRIPT PLEASE.”

Here, we list 10 of the funniest bloopers of TV anchors and reporters caught live on news programs.

Mike Enriquez in 24 Oras

In 2018, 24 Oras anchor Mike Enriquez was tasked to deliver the spiels about one of the show’s segments “Sumbungan ng Bayan.” Part of his script invited the 24 Oras viewers to contact its “Sumbungan ng Bayan” hotline. However, Mike had quite a mix-up. Instead of saying the right name of the segment, he instead blurted out a phrase that sounded like “Sumbungan ng Hotdog!” Mike quickly realized the blunder and recovered by saying the correct spiel, “Sumbungan ng Bayan. Narito po ang aming hotline.” Netizens picked up the blooper and republished the video as “Sumbungan ng Hotdog.”

Bernadette Sembrano in TV Patrol

In May 2015, Bernadette Sembrano’s failed attempt to throw her script was captured on TV Patrol. It is a normal practice in the newsroom for anchors to crumple and throw away their read scripts to avoid interchanging them with the unread ones. Bernadette tried to throw her script while the next segment’s bumper was being shown on screen. However, the bumper was too short, so Bernadette was caught aiming at a spot to throw the paper ball.


Upon realizing she was already on camera, she pretended to fix her hair using the hand she raised, put down the paper, and fix her hair again. As Alvin Elchico was delivering his report about the oil price hike, Bernadette was trying to hold her laughter. On social media, the netizens dubbed the incident “Thug Life!”

Michael Fajatin in Saksi

In 2007, Saksi reporter Michael Fajatin went live to report about the coverage of a rally in Mendiola, Manila. However, his narration of the events did not make sense: “Pasado alas-otso nang tahimik na mag-disperse ang mga rallyista sa San Sebastian… ngunit matapos ang ilang negosasyon… ito’y matapos na nag-disperse sila… pagkatapos nito, a, hindi na sila nag-away… nag-away kasi sila sa simula… pagkatapos nito’y nagkaroon sila ng pag-aaway sa simula.” Michael’s report became one of the most-viewed news reports on YouTube. A netizen reposted the video and titled it “DISPERSE: A Saksi scandal.”

The video resurfaced after Kim Chiu’s “Bawal lumabas” quote went viral on social media in May 2020. A good sport, Michael reposted the meme, comparing his and Kim’s quotes. He said, “Para po sa lahat ng hindi maintindihan ang sarili paminsan tulad namin ni ms. Kim Chiu masaya po ang mabuhay. “Wag lang po hindi kayo maintindihan palagi ibang level na po yun. (hindi po ako ang gumawa ng VS. meme na ito nakita ko lang na kumakalat sa socmed)”

Mang Tani Cruz in Batanghali

In July 2018, GMA-7 weatherman Mang Tani Cruz accidentally called Balitanghali reporter Jun Veneracion by the name of the current typhoon: Josie! Jun asked Mang Tani how long would typhoon Josie stay in the Philippines. Mang Tani answered, “Yes, Josie!” Quickly realizing his blunder, Mang Tani continued, “Ah, Josie tuloy… Yes, Jun.” The weatherman continued his report but struggled to control his laughter. He paused and cleared his throat because his voice was shaking. After Mang Tani's spiels, Jun quipped, “Ah, sige, maraming salamat sa iyo, baka kung ano pa matawag mo sa akin.”

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Jiggy Manicad in QRT

In 2013, Jiggy Manicad covered the Million People March at Ayala for GMA News TV’s QRT: Quick Response Team. During his interview with Peachy Tan, Million People March’s spokesperson, Jiggy described the series of events. Pertaining to the people in the march, he said, “Nakita rin natin iyong pagdagsa rin ng mga tae… sorry po, ng mga tao.”

Noli de Castro in TV Patrol

On January 30, 2012, TV Patrol anchor Noli de Castro read the spiels for the next set of headlines after the commercial break. One of these headlines was about the relaunch of It’s Showtime that day through an “Unkabogable Party.” Noli stammered while saying the word “unkabogable." He said, “Tampok ang masayang pagsalubong sa unkabogable… unkabogable Showtime party.” Upon realizing his blooper, he laughed then ended his spiel with: “Sa pagbabalik ng TV… Unkabogable Patrol!” Noli’s blooper trended on Twitter on the night of January 30, 2012.

Jeff Canoy in Umagang Kay Ganda


In March 2020, Umagang Kay Ganda host Jeff Canoy inadvertently blocked one of the cameras while Jorge Carino was reporting live at the studio. When Jeff realized what happened, he immediately stepped back. Despite the blooper, Jorge continued delivering his spiel although it was obvious that he was trying to hold back his laughter. Jeff and Jorge made fun of the situation on their respective Instagram accounts. Jeff reposted the video and wrote, "May pogi na dumaan" Jorge wrote on his own post, "Biglang nagkaroon ng news blackout. Anyare @jeffcanoy? [laughing and peace sign emojis] @ukgdos"

Korina Sanchez in TV Patrol

In December 2017, Korina Sanchez was about to deliver a news report on TV Patrol about the increasing prices of ham. But she suddenly felt that something was lodged in her throat. Korina started to cough, and did a hand sign pointing at co-anchor Noli de Castro, so the cameraman would switch the frame to Noli. Laughing, Noli remarked, “Nabulunan ho ng hamon si Korina! Hahaha!” In Korina’s next report, she first cleared her throat and said, “Testing 1, 2, 3.” She then smiled and proceeded with her news report.

Mike Enriquez in 24 Oras

Another blooper of Mike Enriquez in 24 Oras was when he called himself “Mel” during the closing spiels. This happened in November 2012. Mel Tiangco was first to say her goodbyes to the viewers. She said, “Mula sa tahanan ng katotohanan, ako po si Mel Tiangco.” Mike followed, “Ako po si Mel… o si Mike. Si Mel! Si Mike Enriquez…” Shocked, Mel threw in, “Ako si Mel, ha.” Mike quickly corrected himself, “Ako po si Mike Enriquez!”


Doris Bigornia in S.R.O.

At the height of the enhanced community quarantine in May 2020, most news reporters had to do their shows in the comfort of their homes.In DZMM Teleradyo’s S.R.O., Doris Bigornia was in a Zoom interview with Jennylle Tupaz, president and CEO of Ayala Land Malls Inc. Suddenly, her two cats appeared in the background, and started fighting.

Good thing Doris did not have to play referee to her cats. But the segment went viral on social media that even international publications and TV programs like Your Morning in Canada picked up the "cat fight" story.

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