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Filipino Celebrities Are Criticizing the Lavish Wedding of Drivers Representative Claudine Bautista

"That gown alone can feed hundred of families of displaced drivers."

Agot Isidro, Enchong Dee, Ogie Diaz, and Pokwang along with several users became one in criticizing the lavish wedding of congresswomen Claudine Diana "Dendee" Bautista and Jose French "Tracker" Lim.

Bautista is the partylist representative of the Drivers United for Mass Progress and Equal Rights (DUMPER). She got married in Balesin Island Resort in Polilio, Quezon in August following a civil ceremony back in February.

The internet got hold of the wedding after they noticed that Bautista's gown was made by Michael Cinco and the venue was styled by Gideon Hermosa. Both Cinco and Hermosa are known to charge millions of pesos for their services. Users criticized Bautista for her "insensitive" wedding as it was held during a time where many drivers are experiencing hardship because of the pandemic.

Agot Isidro, Enchong Dee, Ogie Diaz, and Pokwang joined the outrage on Twitter.

Isidro said, "That gown alone can feed hundreds of families of displaced drivers. And you’re representing which sector again, Cong. Claudine Bautista?" Isidro followed up the tweet by asking the congresswoman what she's done so far to help the drivers? She later corrected the tweet and said "Thousands pala!" referring to the cost of the wedding.


While in a deleted tweet Enchong Dee said, "The money for commuters and drivers went to her wedding. Let’s not prolong this conversation and don’t say otherwise."

Ogie Diaz also agreed with users who said that the display wasn't right especially while the Philippines is being ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. "Grabe si Ate na representative ng mga drivers. Baka naman me accomplishment siya during pandemic, pakilatag ang resibo," Diaz tweeted.

Pokwang was also quick to comment on Bautista's gown. The comedian said, " Ok ano na? ang class ng representative ng mga drivers ha... naka Michael Cinco na wedding gown... edi wow!!! BONGGA KA DAI!! BONGGA KA DAI!! Beep! Beep! tabiiiiiii!! ang masagasaan edi sorry..."

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The internet never forgets and several pointed out that Bautista was one of the 70 congressmen who denied the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN on July 10, 2020.

The congresswoman is also the vice chair of the congress' transportation committee and the majority leader's assistant for the rules committee. In addition to that, she's a member of the creative industry and performing arts, games and amusements, good government and public accountability, legislative franchises, at sustainable development goals.

As of this writing, Bautista hasn't responded to the internet's criticisms. She recently reposted an announcement from DUMPER PTDA Partylist on her personal Facebook account which said: MOre than 18,000 PUV Drivers vaccinated through the efforts of Dumper Partylist."

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