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Clint Bondad's Latest Creepy Instagram Post Hints at Anti-Christ, and the Internet Is Weirded Out

"What sin do I bring for you?"
IMAGE Instagram / @clintbondad

Netizens couldn't help but call Clint Bondad's new Instagram post "creepy" and "weird".

Clint shared a photo of a woman with a horned head surrounded by lit candles. His caption said, "What sin do I bring 4 U. If not eXcitment No one likes 2 resist curiosity."

Most netizens were horrified and troubled to see Clint's strange cult-like post.


"Do not follow the demons, do you think that hell is cool?" asked a netizen.

Clint replied as if unaffected: "Cool? No."

"What is that @clintbondad so weird," another netizen asked.

Clint's answer was equally strange. He said, "Yes. I have tits," and "They jiggle."

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Another upset netizen said Clint was a "perfect example" of an "anti-Christ." He hopes that Clint will find "peace" and rid the "darkness" that the model-actor seems to be in.

Clint replied, "Perfection is my curse" and he is "just an actor."

Photo by Screenshot of @clintbondad's Instagram.

Prayers for Clint

Others advised him to pray because he seemed to be deviating from the path. Someone even posted a Bible verse, but Clint replied, "Only words."

Another netizen asked, "Why don't you seek God instead of posting like that? God loves you Sir Clint."

Clint replied, "Who said I don't?"

Photo by Screenshot of @clintbondad's Instagram.

One follower said that Clint was always in her prayers: "God NEVER Gives up on you. So why are you giving up yourself? you'll always be in my Prayers. Miracles do happen. #PowerOfprayer."

Clint commented, "I obey only the body."

"Don't go to the dark, life is better when you seek for the light. I'm praying for you," another Clint follower said.

The young man answered, "Within dark there is no light."

To a netizen who said his post was "creepy", Clint said he wasn’t telling anyone to idolize it.

He said, "Just don't pray on it and you will be fine."

But Clint did not give an explanation as to what his post was about.

Photo by Screenshot of @clintbondad's Instagram.

On Pride and Moving On

One netizen guessed at the meaning of the post and said, "Sometimes our enemy is our pride."

Clint agreed and replied, "But that's my sin."

Other netizens were curious to know if Clint was happier sharing cryptic posts on social media, "Or is it easier to be angry?"

Clint said, "Hmmm I am actually always peaceful."

Someone asked if Clint might need to see a therapist to help counsel the young man as insurance can cover therapist sessions.

Clint just laughed and said "Love u" to the concerned netizen.

Meanwhile, a another netizen simply advised him to "Move on."

Clint responded, "2 u? Haha u make me laugh."

Still in Thailand with Billionaire

On July 20, it was reported that Clint had been in Thailand for nine months with Thai transwoman billionaire Jakkaphong "Anne" Jakrajutatip.

Anne introduced herself as Clint's close friend, and they treated each other like siblings.


Anne then instructed Clint to stop the cryptic posts that were said to be meaningless as they were allegedly affecting other people.

Anne even posted a photo of herself and Clint where the model-actor's beard appears to be long, similar to how it appears in his recent social media posts.


On August 1, Clint posted that he was with Anne in a location with a view of buildings and city lights.

Clint's caption stated: "Don't let people who don't understand friendship tell u how to do anything. U don't choose u find. Get rid of them in ur life! If they don't understand it then they don't have it ... And then they cant give it. Sadly."

This story originally appeared on It has been translated to English by editors. Minor edits have been made.

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