Ellen DeGeneres Just Reacted to That RC Cola Ad in the Best Way Possible

Someone over at RC Cola's marketing team deserves a raise.

Remember that RC Cola ad that got the whole country buzzing? 

Well, the commercial has just gone international and it's all thanks to Ellen DeGeneres. In a recent episode of Ellentube, the host played an unpredictable game of "Guess What’s Going to Happen Next in This Crazy Commercial."

RC Cola's spot starts at around one minute and 30 seconds of the segment. In the middle of the ad—you know, before everything goes crazy—DeGeneres is given options to guess what happens next: "a.) She sings a high note and shatters the glass. b.) She takes off her head and pours soda in the cups. c.) She takes off the scarf and parachutes out the window."

DeGeneres is pretty confused about the commercial and picks letter C while asking: "What is the commercial? What's it for? Do we know?" After finding out what happens, she then says, "I was wondering how they were gonna drink it, and that's how."

Right now, the video is trending on the 18th spot on YouTube in the Philippines with a total of 331,990. Someone over at RC Cola's marketing team deserves a raise, that's for sure.

Watch "Ellen & tWitch Attempt to Guess What’s Next in These Unpredictable Commercials" below.

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