Entitled: Rapper Curtismith Speaks Up For His Generation

The young wordsmith is wise beyond his years.
Entitled: Rapper Curtismith Speaks Up For His Generation
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"Independent musician” doesn't exactly rank high among careers parents wish for their kids. And these older folks sort of do have a point. Independent musicians who aren't signed under a major record label don't receive a regular salary or any medical benefits, nor do they receive government benefits or the security of a pension. Parents of such individuals, as they will always do, will naturally worry about their child given all the uncertainties in this line of work.

Rapper Curtismith knows all about family questioning one's career decisions. He's quick to share that some of his earliest doubters were his own relatives, as they were convinced that his decision to pursue a career in music was a poor choice. He has since then proved them wrong. Curtismith is now considered one of the most successful young musicians today. He has endorsement deals and regular shows, and still enjoys the luxury of maintaining his artistic freedom since he doesn't have a mainstream record label breathing down his neck.

Elders might be quick to say that young people who take up these alternative professions are entitled. It may come off as young people squandering all the luxuries that the older generations laid out for them. But for Curtismith and many others like him, what's important is choosing a path, sticking to it, and working your ass off to make things happen.

Curtismith knows that he’s yet to reach the pinnacle of his game. In fact, he acknowledges that he still has a lot of work to do. But he's up to the challenge. That's the hardworking attitude many young musicians have; they're hungry. And for this, older folks are wrong to assume the kids are entitled. 

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