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Christmas Albums You'll Actually Want To Listen To

Get one of these festive albums on. Your ears will thank you for it.

As soon as the first of December is within sight, enforcers of 'cheer' take great joy relentlessly pumping out Mariah Carey from every supermarket, pub, and carpark in the land. 

It's not that we're bereft of any festive sentiment, more that we prefer our festive tunes a little more, well, tuneful. 

And so, in the spirit of tasteful merriment, we've complied our list of 10 great Christmas albums which will make you look cool at the office party. 

1 | Bright Eyes, A Christmas Album 

Originally recorded in 2002, the American indie bands covers of Christmas songs glow with warm nostalgia but manage to pull off a twist on each classic song. 

2 | Saint Etienne, A Glimpse of Stocking 

The trio whose nineties indie rock was popular in 90s London take a swing at yuletide cheer with this eclectic and fun Christmas collection. 

3 | The Beach Boys, The Beach Boys' Christmas Album

With a sound that brings a little bit of summer warmth to the chillsome months, this collection includes covers of "Merry Christmas, Baby" and "White Christmas." 

4 | Bob Dylan, Christmas In The Heart

A more somber Christmas album than some but with plenty of moments of fun. Dylan's 2009 album covers classic tracks with his low, and often moving, vocals.

5 | Frank Sinatra, A Jolly Christmas 

True, Frank is a Christmas staple not a left-field choice, but his album sits firmly in the 'cool not schmaltzy' camp and includes a swingin’ cover of "Jingle Bells." 

6 | Low, Christmas 

An indie trio triumph of emotion over irony, the Christmas album from Minnesota formed indie band has a cult following, especially single "Just Like Christmas" originally released on The O.C.   


7 | Sufjan Stevens, Songs For Christmas 

Masterful reinventions of carols and icy originals, the American instrumentalist and singer captures the soft melancholy of the season with moving results. 

8 | Various Artists, Where Will You Be Christmas Day? 

Uplifting acoustic blues ring through this collection of tracks which features songs by the likes of Walter Davis, Norman Edmonds, and Lightnin' Hopkins. 

9 | Phil Spector, A Christmas Gift For You

True a lot of these are familiar classics, but from The Ronettes covers of 'Sleigh Ride' to Darlene Loves' 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home),' this album is irresistibly festive. 

10 | The Jackson 5, Christmas Album 

Along with their famous "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," the album from the legendary Motown group also features lesser known gems like a smooth and swaying rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." 

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