The Highest-Earning YouTube Channel in the Philippines Has So Far Made Over P1.5 Billion


In case you haven’t noticed, content creator is a legit career these days, and for those with huge followings on platforms like YouTube, the payoff can likewise be massive. Creators on the platform have been able to monetize their videos on YouTube since 2007, and while it’s not exactly easy to earn a decent and livable income unless you’re getting tons of views, that hasn’t stopped a slew of people from uploading stuff and giving it a go. 

We already speculated how much some Filipino YouTubers actually make, but a study has found out who is actually the biggest-earning YouTube celebrity in the Philippines.


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SavingSpot analyzed data from SocialBlade’s database of YouTube channel data to figure out the top-earning channel in every country in the world and just how much each channel has earned throughout the entire time that it’s been active. After determining the YouTube channel in every country with the most all-time views, SavigSpot then estimated their lifetime earnings by applying the midpoint of YouTube’s current average APM—payout per 1,000 views—to their view count. The study excluded musicians (Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, etc.), YouTube channels run by media organizations (BBC, NBC, FOX, etc.), and YouTube channels that predominantly use Shorts videos, as these distort the earning capabilities. The data was collected in June 2022. 

Photo by SavingSpot.

In the Philippines, the all-time highest-earning YouTube channel is Raffy Tulfo in Action. With over 25 million subscribers today, the channel has reportedly banked a total of $26.36 million, or over P1.5 billion since it was founded in April 2016.

“Raffy Tulfo is a Filipino broadcast journalist based in Mandaluyong City, Philippines,” the channel’s description reads. “He is a hard-hitting, no-holds-barred commentator on issues pertaining to abuses and injustices committed by people in power against ordinary citizens. He is a known champion of the poor. He fights for the downtrodden—many of whom are laborers – who flock to his radio show every day to seek for his help. He is known among his followers as “Mr. Action Man” and “Idol Raffy”.

Earlier this year, Tulfo was elected Senator of the Philippines.

Photo by Screenshot / Raffy Tulfo in Action.

Meanwhile, the highest-earning YouTube channel of all time is American kids channel Cocomelon, which the study estimates has earned a whopping lifetime total of $282.8 million (P16.4 billion) since 2006.

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Interestingly, channels with content made for children were the top-earning in five out of six continents. Europe and South America, for example, also have kids’ channels as their highest earners. Russia’s Like Nastya ($167.5m) and Argentina’s El Reino Infantil ($102.2m) have both amassed more than $100 million from YouTube revenue in their channels’ history. Just goes to show that, if you’re looking for profitability, that might be the avenue to explore. 

Photo by SavingSpot.

In Asia, half of the 20 most subscribed YouTube channels are based in India and South Korea, reflecting the seemingly insatiable appetite for Bollywood and K-pop content. India’s ChuChuTV has earned $81.6 million since the channel’s launch in 2013, more than Australia’s CKN ($39.5 million) and Japan’s Fischers ($29.8 million).

Also, according to the study, Of the 10 most viewed YouTube videos of all time, five were published by channels creating content for children. With more than 11 billion views, Baby Shark stands head and shoulders above the rest and became a viral sensation back in 2018 and 2019.



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