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Incredible Photo of '90s Rock Band Legends Unearthed by Rico Blanco

How many legends can you spot?
IMAGE Rico Blanco

On his Facebook page, Rico Blanco has posted a rare photo of OPM legends from 1996. “How many legends can you spot in this gem of a photo?” asks the singer-songwriter.

Although the uploaded image is a bit blurry, fans still managed to identify several ‘90s icons such as Francis M, Yano, Ely Buendia, Dong Abay, Introvoys, Teeth, The Dawn, and more. The ensemble drew nostalgic comments from various people, who talked about their favorite singles from the various bands.


Purple Hair, Don’t Care

In the same post, Blanco poked fun at himself for sporting purple hair. “No wonder I didn’t make a lot of friends,” he wrote, reminiscing about his fashion tastes back then.

As of this writing, the post has been shared 277 times with over 2,500 reactions.

Photo by Rico Blanco.


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