Jayke Joson Reveals Falling Out with Senator Manny Pacquiao Over Money

A longtime ally of Senator Manny Pacquiao spoke out against the boxing champ.

In an exclusive interview with SMNI News released on their YouTube account last night, October 17, Jayke Joson revealed why their organization with Pambansang Kamao split.

Jayke and Manny have been friends since 2004.

Jayke has been dubbed the Pambansang Anino or “National Shadow” because he has always been seen behind the boxer in all its fights.

According to Jayke, their feud was rooted in the fight Manny was supposed to have with Conor McGregor, in Las Vegas, Nevada under Paradigm Sports.

Manny allegedly asked for an advance payment of $1 million or more than P100 million.

Jayke said, "Senator Manny Pacquiao and I planned before this mess happened, 'Jayke, find a fight where I can retire, and at the same time we can help more Filipinos.'

“That's what Mr. and I fixed. Arnold Vegafria — we, Arnold Vegafria, me, Mr. Ping Nepomuceno — we fixed Paradigm Sports. That's the Paradigm, that's the fight between Manny Pacquiao and McGregor.”

Arnold Vegafria is Pacquiao's business manager and head of the Miss World Philippines Organization.

Joson continued, “So, to cut the long story short again, Sen MP signed with Paradigm to fix that fight.

“And then, since we have already signed him, what he wants is ... let me tell you the truth, ha, he wants to ask for an advance, yes, in Paradigm, which is not their routine.

“So, we talked to Paradigm well to give our dear senator a favor because as far as we know, he will help whatever money he can raise, he will help the people, right?


“And then, we fixed it, so Paradigm gave up.

"That's on record, Paradigm gave $2 million to Senator Manny Pacquiao as a cash advance since he will fight for what Paradigm wants to fight.

“He is still not satisfied with that, eh, he even told us to increase it, make it $4 million, Joson said in Filipino.

"So, we have already given $ 2M, ask for another $ 2M."

But the fight between Pacquiao and McGregor did not continue.

According to Joson, he and Vegafria tried to convince and ask Paradigm Sports again for an additional two million dollars, but it refused because it was not their trend.

It is said that other boxers who have contracted with them may also be upset.

As a result, Arnold allegedly decided to raise money from their own pockets.

Joson said, “So, Arnold and I said, let's just make a way to please MP.

“We were able to raise our own money of P65M. So, he got P165M from us.

“P65 million, Arnold and me, personal money. Nagkasanla-sanla po kami para lang itulong at ibigay kay Senator Pacquiao. And then, yung P100M, sa Paradigm..

“To cut the long story again, part 3, nabigay namin ang pera, nagkasanla-sanla po kami, nakuha niya yung pera ng Paradigm, tinakbuhan po kami."

“He did not follow the contract, he did not follow what we talked about. It's as if our friendship for a very long time has been ignored.

"Our only interest is for his own welfare."

Due to the incident, Pacquiao has a pending case in America for breach of contract filed by Paradigm Sports.

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Senator Manny Pacquiao's camp has not yet made a statement on the issue.

Arnold Vegafria has yet to make a statement about Jayke Joson's remarks.

This story originally appeared on Pep.phMinor edits have been made by the Esquiremag.ph editors.

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