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Korina Sanchez Responds to Trolls' ABS-CBN Shutdown Comments With Savage Comebacks

Stay off Korina's Instagram if you don't want to be roasted.

Well, it's happened.

Yesterday, the National Telecommunications Commission sent a cease and desist order to ABS-CBN after the media group's 25-year operating franchise expired on May 4. After a special broadcast, ABS-CBN signed off the airwaves just before 8 p.m.

From celebrities to politicians, numerous personalities have reacted to the news. One who has caught the attention of the Internet, however, is Korina Sanchez. The broadcast journalist and news anchor posted an Instagram post decrying the whole thing, citing abuse.

Sanchez then went on to say Solicitor General of the Philippines Jose Calida used to be very close to her mother, adding they attended the same bible study. She then asked who Calida's God is now. She also asked when the real abusers will be jailed.

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Talaga? Ano namang, excuse me, abuso ito? SolGen Joe Calida used to be very close to my Mom Celia Sanchez. They attend the same Bible Study. Sino na kaya ngayon ang Diyos ni Calida? Pilit pinapasarado ang ABSCBN kahit labag sa batas? Kelan at paano kaya pwede ipakulong ang mga totoong abusado? Sharing with you the opinion of Congressman Alvarez. Nasa Congress na ngayon ang bola. They are expected to do the right and Godly thing: STATEMENT OF CONG. FRANZ ‘CHICOY’ ALVAREZ??We have recently been made aware of efforts by the Solicitor General to pressure the National Telecommunications Commission to go against the ruling of the Department of Justice, which states that ABS-CBN may continue to broadcast while Congress deliberates on the renewal of its franchise.??We would like to make it clear that Congress takes this matter very seriously, as it directly challenges our exclusive Constitutional authority to grant, deny, extend, revoke or modify broadcast franchises. Including having the primary jurisdiction to make an initial determination whether an application for a legislative franchise should be granted or denied. ?Having already begun the deliberations on ABS-CBN’s application for renewal of its franchise before Congress adjourned in March, the Committee on Legislative Franchises will not be dictated upon by any individual or agency as to the manner, schedule, and conduct of it’s official business. ?Consistent with precedents, the Committee enjoined the National Telecommunications Commission to allow ABS-CBN to operate until such time that the House of Representatives makes a final decision on the application. This is necessary to allow Congress sufficient time to assess the qualifications of the applicant and make a complete review of the positions of the different stakeholders. Particularly since there are many voices for and against the renewal. ?The power of Congress to legislate is complete, full, and plenary. A legislative franchise is a law and by deciding whether to grant or deny a franchise, it is passing a law and making policy. The Solicitor General should have the decency to give Congress this courtesy to complete the exercise of its power.

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But, that's not all. A number of Internet trolls thought it a great time to test Sanchez on the post. Let's just say they're probably staying off of Sanchez's comment section for the foreseeable future. One comment questioned her post, which called the shutdown abuse. In response, Sanchez replied: "Please leave. Bruha ka."


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Other comments were a lot more supportive. Still, Sanchez couldn't resist a few comebacks directed to Calida.


Twitter is loving the whole thing, obviously.


In another post, Sanchez looked back at her career with ABS-CBN. "It was ten years ago I returned to TV Patrol. And then again left just two years ago. But I've been with ABSCBN since it reopened in 1986 after the Revolution that defined civil liberties and brought back to the people what is the people's. Their voice," she said.

"So today we are hearing them loud and clear again," she continued. "We are certain how this finally ends. See you back soon on-air guys!"

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