All the Unbelievable and Amazing Things Korina Sanchez Has Said on Instagram

Here are all the times Sanchez was actually the best on Instagram.

Korina Sanchez. Award-winning broadcast journalist, television news anchor, radio anchor, and... Instagram legend? Anybody who follows Sanchez knows that there isn't a dull moment when it comes to her musings on Instagram.

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This week alone, she proudly said that she's financially independent from her husband Mar Roxas, while casually dropping the fact that she was once courted by a Venezuelan actor. We don't blame you if you can't keep up with all of that, so we've put together the highlights from the account.

Here are all the times Sanchez was actually the best on Instagram (because the app shouldn't just be a place for dog pictures, unappetizing food posts, and gratuitous selfies):

A Tell-All Instagram Live

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Yes, the G3 interview didn't disappoint I guess. Many heartwarming and aliw reactions. Can't remember everything we talked about but I think I admitted at some point that I dated a mexican telenovela actor once before????????????????. And, yes, I do not ask money from my husband. Not yet anyway, hahaha. Some pointers on the topic: empowered woman in love: 1. No document can gauge, guarantee or dictate true love. Love cannot be dictated or demanded. It can only be voluntary. Yes, I declared to Mar then: We don't need to get married. Pero gusto parin nya.???? 2. Yes, it is a commitment. But when misery is daily and respect flies out the door, commitments can dissipate. Kaya ang marriage vows ko is not “till death do us part”. It is “hanggang sa makakaya ko”. ???? 3. Love isn't just a feeling. It is consistent acting on that feeling. Kung mahal mo nga siya pero di naman niya maramdaman ang love mo, anoyun?????? 4. Im a big believer in a woman earning ner own money. This is freedom. And freedom is happiness. This is self respect. If you respect yourself, others have no choice but to respect you. 5.  Morality is relative. You and your partner must have a customized definition of what constitutes loving behavior — that you both agree on, and that is your pact. 6. You must be happy. And you cannot rely on any one else for your happiness. You create it for yourself. ????

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The best and most recent truth bombs came from Sanchez's Instagram live with writer G3 San Diego and actress Bea Alonzo. In it, the three women talked about being empowered, with Korina revealing how she does not ask money from her husband and that she dated actor Fernando Carrillo at one point in her life.

"We dated pero walang nangyari. Not even a kiss. Nothing. Natakot ako. Fernando is such a darling but you have to be ready for him. Super gwapo, super sweet, pero I really ran away from him. And he remembers that," she said.

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Comments and Comebacks

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Talaga? Ano namang, excuse me, abuso ito? SolGen Joe Calida used to be very close to my Mom Celia Sanchez. They attend the same Bible Study. Sino na kaya ngayon ang Diyos ni Calida? Pilit pinapasarado ang ABSCBN kahit labag sa batas? Kelan at paano kaya pwede ipakulong ang mga totoong abusado? Sharing with you the opinion of Congressman Alvarez. Nasa Congress na ngayon ang bola. They are expected to do the right and Godly thing: STATEMENT OF CONG. FRANZ ‘CHICOY’ ALVAREZ??We have recently been made aware of efforts by the Solicitor General to pressure the National Telecommunications Commission to go against the ruling of the Department of Justice, which states that ABS-CBN may continue to broadcast while Congress deliberates on the renewal of its franchise.??We would like to make it clear that Congress takes this matter very seriously, as it directly challenges our exclusive Constitutional authority to grant, deny, extend, revoke or modify broadcast franchises. Including having the primary jurisdiction to make an initial determination whether an application for a legislative franchise should be granted or denied. ?Having already begun the deliberations on ABS-CBN’s application for renewal of its franchise before Congress adjourned in March, the Committee on Legislative Franchises will not be dictated upon by any individual or agency as to the manner, schedule, and conduct of it’s official business. ?Consistent with precedents, the Committee enjoined the National Telecommunications Commission to allow ABS-CBN to operate until such time that the House of Representatives makes a final decision on the application. This is necessary to allow Congress sufficient time to assess the qualifications of the applicant and make a complete review of the positions of the different stakeholders. Particularly since there are many voices for and against the renewal. ?The power of Congress to legislate is complete, full, and plenary. A legislative franchise is a law and by deciding whether to grant or deny a franchise, it is passing a law and making policy. The Solicitor General should have the decency to give Congress this courtesy to complete the exercise of its power.

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What really got us hooked to Sanchez's Instagram this year was when she posted a photo in response to the National Telecommunications Commission's cease and desist order for ABS-CBN back in May. She trended on Twitter for replying to a user who commented, "Anong abuso?? Wala na kayong franchise ! That's it !! Sus!!" To which Sanchez nonchalantly replied, "Please leave. Bruha ka."


ABS-CBN's Franchise Renewal

As the ABS-CBN franchise renewal was going on, Sanchez questioned whether those who would vote no would be struck by lightning. She also mentioned that there were no violations and that the network had admitted that no company is perfect.

Post-ABS-CBN Shutdown

At the start of ABS-CBN's shutdown, the journalist was among the few who were vocal about the issue. And, she continues to be until this day. In one post, she remained optimistic about ABS-CBN coming back, saying, "Yes, it already happened once before. And I was there to participate and witness the hugely successful comeback of ABSCBN after 14 years of closure since Martial Rule. And ABSCBN then did it again. And more. And how."

ABS-CBN Franchise Rejection

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You're hearing it correctly, so far, I guess. It is a bloodbath. This family is slowly but surely being torn apart. We are called one by one, personally, to be told that we are “discontinued”. Not news to me. I tried to be prepared. But how can you prepare for comatose, or death, really? Others taking it much harder. They have much less options and means. We help those we simply can’t deny, but few can’t save all. Apart from the infliction on the gut, it is the heart where it tugs hardest, this episode. We have yet to see how it settles. This is, and will continue to be, painful. Who knew two years ago that this Christmas Station ID would be the last time, for now, that some of us originals would stand together for a joyful pose? This is one to cherish for a lifetime: L-R: Ted, Zsazsa, Karylle, Christine, Manong Eddie, Coco, Tita Susan, Noli, Sen. Lito, Maja, Regine, Vice, Sarah, Toni, Martin, Marya, Angel, Charo, Bea, Korina, Gerald. KNEELING: Vhong, Dawn, Jericho, Carmi, Piolo, Ogie. You all know us by our first names, right? That’s how long two generations of us is. Ganon katagal tayo nagsama ????????????... @zsazsapadilla @anakarylle @iammajasalvador @reginevalcasid @praybeytbenjamin @justsarahgph @celestinegonzaga @martinnievera @therealangellocsin @charosantos @beaalonzo @andersongeraldjr @vhongx44 @dawnzulueta @jerichorosalesofficial @piolo_pascual @ogiealcasid

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That's not to say, however, that Sanchez was mum about all the layoffs happening in the network. She called the whole thing a "bloodbath" while saying that the situation was personally painful for her. 

Troll Attack

Numerous trolls attacked Sanchez's Instagram account early in May, and she replied to almost every one of their insults. From comparisons to Jessica Soho to being called a frustrated first lady, she replied to each comment in jest. In one exchange, she brought up her awards and recognitions, saying, "What are you doing in my page? Secret fan? Couldn't help yourself? Pahiram ko sayo mga trophy ko sabit mo sa leeg mo para makuba ka? Halika."

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Maria Ressa

On a more serious note, Sanchez sympathized with Rappler executive editor Maria Ressa after she was found guilty of cyber libel. In her post, she listed down all the reasons why she stands with Ressa, starting by saying that what was reported were all facts.

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