Kris Aquino Channels Eleanor Young: 'I don't think I'm gonna like my future daughter-in-law'

"She's not getting any of my bags."
IMAGE Crazy Rich Asians

In a Zoom interview with (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Kris Aquino channeled her inner Eleanor Young from Crazy Rich Asians when asked about her future daughter-in-laws. 

When the time comes, Kris Aquino has no plans of giving some of her luxury bags and shoes to future daughters-in-law.


Will Kris Aquino Appear in the Crazy Rich Asians Sequel?

Kris Aquino is Still a Crazy Rich Asian, Even After Leaving Broadcast TV

She said the thought crossed her mind when, after two months of being on lockdown in Puerto Galera, she saw piles of her luxury clothes at her home in a posh subdivision in Pasig City.

"I realized how many pairs of shoes I haven't even worn. And I realized how many bags I have not used. And since I'm not going out, what's the point? And I don't have a daughter, so wala namang makikinabang."

Kris further quipped that Bimby's future wife won't be getting any of her designer items.

She said with a laugh, "And I don't even think that I'm gonna like my future daughter-in-law. We're moving ten years forward already!

"You know, whoever it is that Bimb's gonna end up with, she's not getting any of my bags or any of my things. I'm gonna donate it to the charity, so don't think about it."

Athletic Sons

Over the past few weeks, Kris expressed how proud she is now that both of her sons are at least six feet tall.

She showed how tall her "Towers of Love" are in an Instagram post last October 3.


A member of the press asked Kris if her kids have considered playing sports, given that they could use their height as an advantage.

Bimby, in particular, has the genes for basketball: his dad, James Yap, is a two-time Most Valuable Player of Philippine Basketball Association.

Kris, however, said Bimby is prioritizing his studies now, as he is a "proud nerd."

She quickly clarified, "I hope this is not misinterpreted by anybody, and it’s not because I’m stopping him [from playing sports]. Because actually, I’m encouraging him.

"I said, ‘You know, half of your DNA is genuinely naturally athletic so don’t fight it.’ But he’s really focused on his studies and who am I to argue with that?

"He’s really advanced. He’s only 13 but he’s already doing pre-Calculus."

Kris also said she thinks the best time for her youngest son to engage in sports is when he stops growing.

She continued, "The growth spurt is just too much right now. I think he should explore sports when he stops growing. Josh stopped growing when he turned 17 so we’re looking at four more years of growth."

For now, Bimby has shown interest in studying information technology.

Kris added that her youngest son isn't interested in joining showbiz since “there’s no money there.”


Will Kris Aquino Appear in the Crazy Rich Asians Sequel?

Kris Aquino is Still a Crazy Rich Asian, Even After Leaving Broadcast TV

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