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7 Modern Titles Every Movie Buff Needs in Their Film Collection

That are actually entertaining
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Truthfully, choosing to watch a film in 2018 can feel more exhausting than watching your parents attempt to use social media. But that’s mainly because you’re going in blind, like going for a drink with that Tinder date whose sole picture featured an anthropomorphic filter. With thousands of choices comes thousand of decisions, but it doesn't need to be a complete headache.

Allow us to whittle down the options so that you can craft a film collection that will make people marvel at your cultured and insightful choices as well as actually entertain you. Here are 7 modern films every movie buff needs up their sleeve.

1| mother!

Any film willing to shun conventional grammar already has our pulses racing, and Requiem For A Dream director Darren Aronofsky definitely caused a stir with mother! On the surface, it’s a psychological horror about a woman (Jennifer Lawrence) with an egomaniac poet husband with boundary issues. Aronofsky being Aronofsky though, it’s also a biblical allegory about Mother Earth and its destruction.


2| Moonlight

When it comes to Moonlight, 'coming of age drama' only scrapes the surface. There’s a reason the Oscar-winner resonates for so long after the credits have rolled, and it makes it a modern classic. Delving into the lives of people rarely seen in a more than two dimensional fashion, Moonlight is groundbreaking and needs to be added to your collection now.

3| Pulp Fiction

Obviously everyone’s metaphorical DVD rack needs a Tarantino classic. Pulp Fiction is one of the most iconic films in modern cinema and with a cast featuring Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman and John Travolta you know it’s going to be a biggie. You wouldn’t necessarily think it, but it’s the humor nestled in between the samurai swords, drugs and crime that makes Pulp Fiction a classic.

4| Toy Story

Don’t try us. Sure, everyone raves about Ratatouille like they’ve never seen a rat with a penchant for cooking before (actually we take that back, Ratatouille is a game-changer) but Toy Story is the cornerstone of every good film collection. The gang of living, breathing toys was the first feature-length computer-animated film, so basically a massive deal. It also happens to be an emotionally wrought 81 minutes of cinema that you absolutely must have in your viewing arsenal. 


5| Dunkirk

Is any film collection complete without a blowout war blockbuster? Of course it isn’t. While we're all for some beautifully hammed up acting when the mood strikes, Dunkirk shuns Hollywood sentimentality and delivers the brutal horror of World War Two with the best British and Irish actors in the game. 

6| Girlhood

French cinema isn’t still about black and white cinematography and lads in impeccably tailored clothes or earth shattering romances. Set in a poor suburb of Paris, Girlhood received rave reviews from critics across the board for its gritty look at life for a black working class girl coming to terms with her surroundings and social and economic status. It’s not the romantic Paris we’ve seen in film throughout history, but it’s the one we need to see.

7| I Love You, Man

No film collection is complete without a comedy up its sleeve and I Love You, Man is nothing short of a modern classic. Popularising the 'puggle' (that's a pug x beagle) and drawing on the underexplored theme of male friendshipor lack thereofI Love You, Man is amongst Jason Segel and Paul Rudd's finest work. What happens when you're getting married and have no best man to show for it? Embark on a series of 'man dates' resulting in hilarious consequences, of course.


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