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Natalie Dormer Knows How Game Of Thrones Ends, But She's Absolutely Not Telling

She's "agog" at how writers will get to their conclusion

Despite being possessing knowledge that devoted Game of Thrones fans would gladly fight a dragon to get ahold of, Natalie Dormer–formerly Margaery Tyrell (RIP)–says she knows how the final season will wind up but that she "kind of [wishes she] didn’t know".

"I’ve been disciplined in keeping secrets for a good five years, when I was part of the show," she told the Sun when she was pressed to give a hint as to where it's all heading.

"I was told the ending by someone on the show and even though I know how it does, I am just dying to see how they get there. I’ll still be watching it like a regular viewer, completely agog, because I have no idea how the showrunners will get there. To be honest, I kind of wish I didn’t know."

She said something similar to the Hollywood Reporter too: "I know A to B. I know what B is, but I don’t know how they get B. But I do know B."


It's all getting a bit algebraic, but just to strip things back here: it sounds like there is a means of finding out exactly what's going to happen at the end of season eight, and it's either to find the leaker and squeeze them until they eventually give up their secrets, or to send Natalie Dormer on a gauntlet of press junkets and hope her trigonometric metaphors eventually fall to bits.

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