Filipino Celebrities Who Have Come Out as Pansexual


Pansexuality is a sexual orientation that doesn't get much coverage or representation in mainstream media-and it's time we change that. The last time we heard about pansexuality was when Demi Lovato opened up about their sexual identity and identified as pansexual. But, locally we've also had some famous people talk about their pansexuality.

First things first: what is pansexuality? It means you're attracted to anyone (not all the time, though) no matter what, regardless of their gender identity including cisgender, transgender, agender and gender-nonconforming individuals. Simple as that. Here are Filipino celebrities who have come out as pansexual that you should know about. Read on to see how these famous people came out and what they've had to say about being pansexual.

Snooky Serna

Child star turned critically-acclaimed actor Snooky Serna came out as pansexual in 2010. "I will not deny it, I have a lot of friends who are butch and I even have relatives who are," the actress said. "And I openly showed them my affection and people see that. But for me, it's no big deal. Ako, I see myself as a pansexual. Sa akin kasi, nakikita ko, either you are a man or a woman, kung nakikita ko ang ka-soulmate ko or ka-jive ko ang ugali in many ways than one sa isang babae, then maybe I wouldn't mind falling for that person but not necessarily getting into that relationship."


Kyo Quijano

In a Twitter thread, Quaranthings actor Kyo Quijano made everything clear by saying: "So let’s get one thing straight, I definitely am not." Adding, "For the nth time, I am Pansexual. This is attraction not limited to binary preference with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. It’s about personality and is beyond gender. I am able to be attracted to people of all gender identities and sexes." 

Piel Morena

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Actress Piel Morena, who was known for starring in a string of sexy movies in the '90s, came out as a lesbian in an interview on Rated K in 2012. Morena said, "I'm a lesbian. Sorry sa mga naging boyfriends ko before na hindi talaga nila alam." The actress also added that her coming out made her feel free and happy. In the same interview, she stated that she was still open to the possibility of falling in love a man.

Nearly eight years later, Morena was in the news again for her marriage to a German man. It was during her relationship that she realized she identified as pansexual: "Although I came out nung 2012 as a lesbian, after a while I realized na mas nag-fall pala ako sa pansexual category dahil I really don’t care sa gender ng tao. Basta na-attract ako or minahal ko. Yes, he knows about my sexuality and our relationship is not a traditional one."

We'am Ronquillo Ahmed


Filipino-Egyptian Miss Universe Philippines 2020 candidate We'am Ronquillo Ahmed proudly came out as a member of the LGBTQI+ community. In an interview with, she said she was comfortable with the labels bisexual or pansexual and that she really doesn't mind what a person identifies as-as long as they "vibe and have a connection."

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