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25 Pinoy Bold Movies With the Weirdest Titles

...and priceless posters to boot!

We've all seen one, or maybe ten. Bomba films were all the rage some years back.

But have you ever sat back and try to analyze how absurd the titles those films had? The weirder the title, the racier the scenes were. And those posters? Man, those posters.

For this week's ultimate throwback article, we harken back to days before Photoshop and political correctness and list down the "most creative" bold film titles x posters the MTRCB allowed into our lives. Prepare for a strong surge of memories.

1| Anakan Mo Ako (1999)

2| Ang Magsasaging Ni Pacing (1971)

3| Arayyyy! (2000)

4| Balahibong Pusa (2001)

5| Batuta Ni Dracula (1971)

6| Bibingka: Apoy Sa Ilalim, Apoy Sa Ibabaw (2002)

7| Diligin Ng Suka Ang Uhaw Na Lumpia (1987)

8| Itlog (2002)

9| Kainan Sa Highway (2004)

10| Kangkong (2001)

11| Kapag Ang Palay Naging Bigas…May Bumayo (2002)

12| Kesong Puti (1999)

13| Masarap na Pugad (2002)

14| Masikip Mainit Paraisong Parisukat (2002)

15| Masarap Habang Mainit (2002)

16| Matamis Hanggang Dulo (2003)

17| 'Pag Dumikit Kumakapit (1998)

18| Pagsaluhan (2002)

19| Patikim Ng Pinya (1996)

20| Pila Balde (1999)

21| Sa Pagitan Ng Langit (2005)

22| Sabong (1998)

23| Tag-Ulan Ngayon…Ang Bukid Ay Basa (2005)

24| Talong(1999)

25| Unang Tikim (2006)

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