Rosie Perez Claims Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes Were 'High Off Their Asses' At the Oscars

They had one job-fluff the train of Rosie's dress-and they failed.

Crack is wack and meth is death, but weed is unimpeachably funny. Proof? Before the Oscars took a hard left turn into melodrama, one of the defining moments of the evening was the reunion of White Men Can't Jump's cast. Rosie Perez, Wesley Snipes, and Woody Harrelson took the stage together 30 years after starring in the comedy together. As the trio walked out, Harrelson and Snipes carried the train of Perez's dress and then they just... kind of held it for a while. Is that what you do for a queen? Perhaps. But in this case, it may just have been because they were allegedly stoned as hell.

In an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Noah tells Perez that he feels like it's a "Rosie Perez Moment" right now, which is rude, because it's in fact always a Rosie Perez moment. Noah began listing her recent accomplishments, including her show The Flight Attendant and then the reunion at the Oscars. But Perez interrupts him to say, "I was pissed off at them!" Noah looked on, shocked, as Perez continued, "Because I just said to them, 'I have a train, just pick it up, fluff it, let it go and let me walk out.' They said 'Okay.' And then I see on the playback they were holding it the whole time, cracking up. And they were high off their asses!"

Although we cannot independently confirm or deny if Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes were blazed, out of their minds or otherwise, we absolutely can confirm that it took Harrelson a full 18 seconds to spit out the winner for Best Cinematography (congrats to Dune).

As the telecast would come to prove, worse things can happen to a person than two of your friends holding the train of your gown needlessly aloft. Still. When a woman is in Christian Siriano, listen closely to your friend and do as you're told. This is Rosie Perez we're talking about, boys.

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