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These Are the Sexiest Movies You Can Stream Right Now That Are Actually Good

A not-so-guilty pleasure.
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All great things revolve around sex, including movies. And thanks to the magic of Netflix, you can watch some of the best and sexiest movies in private, away from judging eyes. Don't feel weird. Some of the best movies on the streaming service are also some of the hottest.

Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

The Palme d'Or winning movie at the Cannes Film Festival follows Adèle's life as she meets Emma, a blue-haired painter who shows her sexual freedom.

Magic Mike (2012)

In this Steven Soderbergh-directed movie, Mike (Channing Tatum) teaches a young man the ways of life through a night job stripping in Tampa, Florida.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Stanley Kubrick's final film was divisive upon its initial release. When Kubrick died days after its first showing, Warner Bros. altered several sex scenes so it didn't get an NC-17 rating—and yet many (many) still remain.

Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

In one of his breakout films, Alfonso Cuarón received his first Academy Award nomination for this sexy roadtrip movie about two friends (a then unknown Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal) who set out with an older woman (Maribel Verdú).

Boogie Nights (1997)

Mark Wahlberg still owns the prosthetic penis he used in Paul Thomas Anderson's cult favorite about the rise, fall, and rise again of a porn star in the late '70s and earl '80s.

Nymphomaniac Vol. 1&2

Let's go ahead and leave this Lars von Trier film starring Shia LaBeouf and Charlotte Gainsbourg up to reader's discretion.


Adore (2013)

Robin Wright and Naomi Watts are two best friends who fall in love with each other's sons.

Cruel Intentions (1999)

The big sex scene was originally set to a Smashing Pumpkins song, but when Billy Corgan refused to give rights to the music, the Counting Crows offered up "Colorblind."

Sex and Lucia (2001)

All the nudity aside, Sex and Lucia is a complex and layered film about a woman getting over a breakup.

Sleeping with Other People (2015)

Jason Sudeikis plays a lothario. Alison Brie plays a serial cheater. A dozen years after hooking up, they meet and form a platonic relationship, but then, yeah, feelings start creeping in. Come for the sexiness, stay for the hilarious scene when they get high and go to a children's birthday party.

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