Solenn Heussaff Identifies Her True Calling In This Video

This multi-talented lady has one passion above all.
Solenn Heussaff Identifies Her True Calling In This Video

Actress, model, recording artist, fashion designer, blogger, online influencer, professional makeup artist, author... that's a lot of feathers in Solenn Heussaff's hat.  

But when asked what she's really passionate about, Solenn says that painting occupies a special place in her heart. Working with her favorite mediums, acrylic and pastel, Solenn's canvas work is polished, inspired, and very telling of the artistry that dwells within her. 

Initially, Solenn was hesitant to put her paintings out there for all to see. For her, not knowing how people would react to her art was something she wasn't ready to deal with. But with the support of her folks and by simply continuing to paint, Solenn gained the confidence to step out of her comfort zone and show her work to the world. She got her feet wet by painting a mural in a street art activity, and later opening a solo show called "Our People" where she exhibited 25 original paintings.  

Solenn cites her father's old photos as a major influence when it comes to her painting; naturally, she gets ideas from her own photos as well. And armed with the Samsung Galaxy S8 with its powerful camera and unique Infinity Display, Solenn has a tool that allows her to recreate vibrant images that further fuel her passion for painting. Also IP68 dust and water resistant and featuring a new 10nm processor that runs on less power, the Galaxy S8 can go wherever Solenn does, and document everything she sees with speed and crystal clarity. 

Perhaps the coolest thing about Solenn is that you think you know all about her, being a public figure and everything. But somehow she still manages to surprise—whether it be with her pro-level makeup skills or her adeptness behind a canvas and easel. The many layers of her being are very telling of a person with deep passion for things, the gusto to keep learning. With the right tools aiding her along the way, the sky's the limit for Solenn. 


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