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Inside Clint Bondad’s Relationship with ‘Friend’ Thai Trans Billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip

She's the CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited.

Thai transwoman billionaire Jakkaphong "Anne" Jakrajutatip has once again attracted online attention of Filipino netizens because of her latest pictures with Clint Bondad.

Anne is the CEO of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited, a global content provider and channel operator of various TV series and movies.

Part of her job is as a distributor in Thailand of several shows from GMA-7 and ABS-CBN.

Clint, Filipino-German model and part-time actor, is the ex-boyfriend of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. He was the subject of much controversy these last few weeks due to cryptic posts linked to his famous ex.

This August, Anne posted an intimate photo with Bondad that attracted online attention from netizens.

Anne's captions also appear to have double meanings, hinting at their intimate relationship and business partnership with a mystery project in the works. 


Helping Clint Find a Girlfriend 

Anne came to Clint’s defense when he became the subject of criticism due to his strange posts on social media. Her posts revealed their relationship, but she insists their relationship is that of brothers and sisters and she is determined to find him a girlfriend.

Anne repeated this in her Instagram post on July 24 (published as is): “I will find the new girlfriend for my brother, Clint I may as well have to spend more time with him as in the past three weeks I hardly talked to him due to my hectic schedule. "

The two are reportedly close and Clint is also close to her family.

The Thai national mentioned that Clint was allegedly affected by rumors that he was only with her for her money: "He used to express the personal sorrow to me once that lots of people think he is with me for money which is absolute not true. That incident plus the break up led him into the Great Depression since last year."

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Meanwhile, Anne was also affected when Clint became a target for bashers criticizing his “creepy” posts: "The more you push someone up against the wall, the more aggressive he/she will fight back. Or someone who can’t fight might lose control and get even more insane. Remember he had no one to rely on. He was alone in the Philippines. How would you feel if almost the whole nation criticized you, bombarded you, and devalued you?” 

Clint is Not a ‘Hooker’

Other critics said Anne "paid" Clint in exchange for their relationship. The billionaire asserted that Clint is not a “hooker” and earns money as Anne’s corporate talent.

"He's the great gentleman with life goals, not a hooker! Please respect both of us, brother sister. Clint has the job as a corporate talent to do here in Thailand. Plus, he’s doing his own business as a start up. He's the smart man with dignity and I'm the CEO who prioritizes the value of the company's outcome. Never the personal gain."


Earlier, it was reported that Clint was staying at Anne's house in Thailand, which sparked further talk regarding their relationship.

But Anne reiterated that she considered Clint as a brother, and that helived in one of her eight houses in Thailand.

Anne said: "I'm treating him as if my own sibling, but not spoiling, because we get along so well. I just feel that I want to groom him as he has human potential to grow."

He’s ‘Super Straight’

Anne also did not hesitate to answer those who doubted Clint's sexuality.

"Is he straight, gay, or bisexual? Jesus Christ, you guys don't even need to send me questions! I don't give out media interview. Stop trying. Clint is of course a Super Straight Man... But between us, we are in the relationship of being brother [and] sister."

Anne is obviously impressed with Clint's potential despite doubts about whether the model-actor is "normal." Many netizens are wondering why Clint regularly shares "weird" and "creepy" posts on social media.


Anne said, Clint just needs someone to guide him.

"Clint is not normal but genius in so many ways. I’m not giving a nonsense compliment or being biased on what he’s capable of as I don’t need to."

A Strictly Work Relationship

According to Anne, in November, 2019 Clint went to Thailand as a "corporate artist" of the company she owns. 

The Thai billionaire is also said to be holding Clint's contract with GMA-7, which has expired. 

Anne added that in her five-year partnership with GMA-7 and ABS-CBN, she prioritizes her commitment to TV networks, and this commitment is no different from her commitment to support Clint’s career.

"Clint as well pursues his dream on having the business of his own with of course our support in term of facility and man power... I'm the CEO of the company who must take responsibility and would like to make this subject matter forward in the progressive way. Hope you guys understand now... Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.”

If her long-term goal is to become "Madam Prime Minister of Thailand," her short-term goal is to make sure Clint's energy returns to his job.

Anne claimed she said that in a press interview with him in Thailand.

She shared one of her goals: "I answered without hesitation 'to make one of my artists Clint Bondad come back to earth and work on projects.'"

Anne was also asked what she would do if Clint wouldn’t cooperate with her.  


Anne replied to the press, "I'm a tough female leader. Then, he has to leave the country and never come back then!"

In a separate Instagram post by Anne, she reiterated that she was convinced that Clint would also be successful in his career.

But that does not mean that her help is endless.

Anne assured, "If he's not collaborating with me and doing what is right, there is always the start date and also the end of every contract.” 

This story originally appeared on and has been translated by editors.

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