Images By Amorsolo, Luna Translated to Tapestries by Perez Eustaquio


In this current atmosphere of cold isolation, where we have been apart from our tribes for the last six months, Patricia Perez Eustaquio invites us to escape to Silverlens Galleries and envelope ourselves in the warmth of her tapestries in her solo show, Hoarding Fossils in Blankets.

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“Painting is mostly a solitary pursuit, the artist in his studio,” says the artist. “It demonstrates the painter’s mastery, his technique, and his flourish, and prescribes his world view to an audience set apart from the work, standing some distance to the painting hung proudly on the wall, restricted from touching it.”

“Tapestry like other weaves and fabric works, on the other hand, was made by a community of women who spun thread from fibers, weaving them into intricate images,” she continues. “Its weight and expanse meant that several hands were needed not only to complete it, but also to carry it around, to wash it in a river or beat it forcefully to soften its fibers.”

Six works currently hang on Silverlens’ walls, featuring iconic paintings by Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo, which Eustaquio painstakingly translated into tapestries.

“The original painting is mapped out into shades from light to dark, and is then translated, firstly by replacing its shading and (painterly) gesture with their digital, photographic equivalent, and secondly, by digitally weaving the entire image into textile,” says Eustaquio.

In this video, Eustaquio discusses the influences that fueled this project, and why her tapestries are a grand reflection of her journey as an artist.



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Earlier this week, Patricia Perez Eustaquio (@_patteu) dropped by the gallery to answer some questions about her current solo exhibition, Hoarding Fossils in Blankets. Addressing enquiries from interested individuals – such as Art Basel Hong Kong’s director, Adeline Ooi (@addyooi) and artists, Pio Abad (@pioabad) and Gary-Ross Pastrana (@collage_a_day_everyday)– she reflects on her past works and discusses how they influenced her to arrive at her current practice. Watch this video to intimately learn about the diverse set of creations Eustaquio presents in this show, from her soft sculptures to her expansive tapestries. Learn the stories behind their stitches, in addition to the motivations that brought them into fruition. Hoarding Fossils in Blankets will be on view until 12 September 2020. We strongly encourage viewers to experience these pieces in person. To schedule your visit to the gallery, please book an appointment through the link in our bio. #SilverlensGalleries #PatriciaPerezEustaquio #HoardingFossilsinBlankets #SilverlensArtist #ContemporaryArt #ArtPH

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Hoarding Fossils in Blankets runs through September 12, 2020, at Silverlens Galleries. By appointment only. 

Since reopening the gallery spaces in June, Silverlens has been adapting its exhibits to today's extraordinary circumstances. It's also extended its online initiatives, creating full digital catalogs for its shows.


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