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Percy Jackson Publisher Is Now Going to Give Us a Philippine Mythology Series

Meet Mika, Raha, Teo, and Halle.

We love Ricky Riordan's Percy Jackson series for bringing the mythology of the Greeks and Romans to the modern world. Now, its publisher is about to do the same with Philippine mythology.

High Summer is going to be a graphic novel to be published by Disney Hyperion in 2024. And we have Filipino author and illustrator Tori Tadiar to thank for its creation.

The trilogy is going to revolve around a character named Mika, a 12-year-old student who goes to Ilustra Junior High School. She casts a spell on two classmates by accident. When she tries to undo it, she ends up waking up ancient gods and a sun-devouring beast.

Mika must then team up with her old bullies to save humanity from plunging into darkness. We're also going to know more about Mika's teacher, Raha, student-athlete Halle, and choir boy Teo as the series progresses.

We can also observe from the concept art that the children's uniforms are based on traditional Filipino attire like the barong tagalog, as well as on indigenous motifs.

The trilogy is the latest from Tadiar, who also authored award-winning fantasy graphic novels Sagala and Twinkle, Twinkle.

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