This Pokemon Card Broke All Records and Sold for Over P11 Million


“Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for,” said Publius Syrus in the 1st century B.C. For the person who bought a pokemon card for P11.5 million, that piece of advice rings true. 

The record-breaking sale of the Illustrator Pikachu was sold at the Japanese auction house ZenPlus. As expected, the card triggered an intense auction battle that was eventually won by an American buyer who dropped $233,000 for the coveted piece. 

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For that amount, you can buy a decent house in a pretty village in Metro Manila. The same amount can also buy you around eight brand-new cars. 

The Illustrator Pikachu card broke all records for the most expensive Pokemon cards ever sold. The previous record-holder is the same Pikachu card, which sold for P9.6 million in 2019. 

Why the Illustrator Pikachu Card is So Valuable

The Illustrator Pikachu is considered the holy grail of Pokemon cards. Only 39 cards were ever made. Unlike other rare Pokemon cards, these were not included in booster packs that were bought in stores. The 39 cards were only awarded to winners of a comic contest way back in 1998. 

It’s surreal to think that your house, car, and possessions could have the same value as an old paper card printed 22 years ago. 

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