Filipino Artist Pacita Abad Is Today's Google Doodle 

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Pacita Abad is celebrated today with a Google Doodle.

Google paid tribute to the Filipina artist for her “bold use of color and mixed media as well as her use of art to address global themes.”

 “It was this day in 1984 when Pacita was the first woman to be awarded the Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines, which was promptly renamed the Ten Outstanding Young Persons," her nephew, artist Pio Abad, wrote in a Facebook post. 

Pacita Abad

Photo by Pacita Abad.

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“Abad went on to study painting and then traveled the world with her art supplies, from Bangladesh to Sudan, and the cultures she encountered had a profound influence on her ever-evolving artistic style,” Google said in a statement. 

Among her most famous works is a 30-portrait series called “Portraits of Cambodia,” which Abad made in 1979. The series portrays the lives of Cambodian refugees who escaped the genocide committed by Khmer Rouge.


"Filipina: A racial identity crisis (1990)"

Photo by Pacita Abad.

Another standout artwork by Abad is “Trapunto,” which she created by stuffing her canvases to create a sculptural effect. In each canvas, Abad integrated culturally significant materials she discovered during her travels. 

Abad’s 30-year painting career took her to numerous countries where she exhibited her work in over 200 museums, galleries and other venues. She also had 75 solo shows around the world. 

Today, Abad’s works are spread in public and private collections in more than 70 countries. Below is a photo of a painted bridge in Singapore. It is believed to be Abad's last work. Abad succumbed to cancer in 2004. She was 58.

Alkaff Bridge in Singapore

Photo by Wikimedia Commons, Pacita Abad.
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Pacita Abad on Google Doodle

Photo by Google.

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