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This Twitter Thread Is Also Your New Course Outline in Philippine Studies 101

The thread that lists free readings on Philippine politics, culture and society has the Twitterverse excited to hit the books.

When you get past the sea of mind-numbing memes and distracting videos, the internet is also a well-equipped library of information. Sometimes it just needs to be sifted in the right places. Thanks to a twitter thread gone viral, we have all been assigned a list of recommended readings on Philippine culture, politics and society.

The list features 12 great pieces from various journals and books, such as “The Miseducation of the Filipino” by Renato Constantino, “Philippine Society and Revolution” by Amado Guerrero, “The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos” by Primitivo Mijares.

The best part is that these are all available to read online for free. (Click on the first tweet to show the whole thread.)

The generous educator behind the thread, Athena Presto, is a professor from UP Diliman who teaches a class called Sociology 10 (On Being a Filipino: A Sociological Exploration). The articles she’s provided to the Twitterverse also comes from the material she teaches. 

It was another Twitter thread, in fact, that sparked her enthusiasm to share pieces about the Philippines. “I saw a thread entitled ‘Eye-opening documentaries in the Philippines’, and I've actually watched every single documentary included in the thread,” she tells Esquire. “I felt like I ghost-tweeted it since I always watch various documentaries and read different books about the Philippines. That's when I realized that I, too, can share something for people who want to know more about Philippine society, culture, and politics.”

Now Athena isn’t the only one doing the schooling on the thread—other people have started throwing their own favorite pieces in the mix. 


When we reached out to Athena, also told us that this is only the first dozen on her list and that she’s sitting on a few more pieces she can share in the future. Until then, make sure you’re caught up on your readings.

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